A Visit from Creative Thursday

Posted on 28 March 2012


The Frantic Meerkat (Kim) and Marisa imbibe some alcoholic grape juice.

Mincy says:

Last year we moved ourselves (and our business) up the coast from Los Angeles to the wine country of Paso Robles. The move allowed us to finally have a separate studio space and has given us a break from the nightly serenade of police helicopters. We did give up some pretty incredible things: Peter Dinklage sightings, our favorite Mexican restaurant, consistently amazing weather and of course, proximity to our wonderful and talented friends. But living in wine country has its magnetic advantages, and two of our wine-loving friends, Sean and Marisa, took the train up from LA for a quick stay right after my birthday. 

Marisa is an author, blogger, fabric designer and is the artist behind Creative Thursday. You can check out her stunning photos and recap of the weekend on her blog.

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  • Emily Moe: March 28, 2012

    Since we last (briefly) met, we also made a big move. We’ve moved from Chicago to Duluth. Unfortunately, the move has not been so categorically positive as yours. I’m just trying to rebuild my creative life after 6 months of working in a mailroom, and have just started reading blogs again. Your post about your post couldn’t have come at a nicer time. I like keeping track of you and Mincy.

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