Celebrity Camera Club

Posted on 03 April 2012


Mincy says:

I came across this tumblr last night: Celebrity Camera Club. Celebrities with cameras - a perfect idea for a tumblr.

I used to live in Los Angeles, so I kind of got used to celebrities, with their purse dogs, hollow bones, forked tongues, diminutive statures and their diamond eyes that put you in a trance if they accidentally made eye contact with you. 

The Frantic Meerkat and I attended the Hollywood premiere of Borat. To get into the theater we had to walk down the red carpet, past the paparazzi. There was the staccato click of camera shutters until the photographers in front began to yell to the ones in the back, "It's nobody! They're nobody!" 

After that we did the Charlie Brown sad-walk into the theater. How often do you get forcibly reminded that you aren't famous?

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  • 2RavenChicks: April 05, 2012

    I beg to disagree – I think the Meerkat is talented and wonderful!!! My favorite card seller on Etsy – the “Are you drunk-Yes-Why are you drunk-Because I love you” is used by my husband, daughter and me quite often around my home.

    We also say – are you setting out with a blithe sense of wrongdoing?

    Shouldn’t we be paying you royalties or something??

    You may not be famous in Tinseltown – but you are famous to my family!!!! ♥

    And oh my – who IS that cutie in the photo holding the camera?

    (heehee – my daughter just walked in and noticed the blog title and said – Oh I love them!!!)

  • P. D. Hauver: April 04, 2012

    Ah, I can relate: my husband and I were attending the Midem music conference that takes place every January at the same facility in Cannes where the film festival is held. We arrived the day prior to set up our booth, and were wheeling our heavy boxes of materials down the long walkway to the building. By the time we finally realized in our jetlagged daze that we were approaching the wrong entrance, we happened to look up and notice that crowds of people behind barricades on either side of us were watching our progress with expressions as confused as ours (but still taking our pictures in case we were convincingly incognito stars). Heck: we just thought that the red carpet was a fancy French touch set out early for our conference, but we were, in fact, heading down the path that a few hours later would be awash in celebrities for a French awards show. (“Don’t mind us – we’re just some wacky Americans…”) D’oh!

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