Posted on 28 July 2012


Mincy says:

Friday found us at the California Mid-State Fair for a couple of hours. We wandered around the animal pens and observed bored farm kids as they watched over panting, semi-conscious livestock while huge industrial fans blew hot air over man and beast. I spent a dollar trying to win a goldfish ("I will only play games where the prizes are alive") and then we toured the ride area. The best part of the area was the hand-painted murals on the sides of the rides and fun houses. The carnies all had heads full of teeth and were clean and polite, and thus boring. What happened to the carnies of my youth? It left me with a hollow kind of sadness that not even a deep fried Snickers bar could cure. Our favorite spot in the fairgrounds was a small vineyard and wine tasting area. The vineyard contained all the different types of grapes grown in local vineyards, and the varietals that they made. I learned some things that the wine samples soon washed out of my mind. 

On our way out was an "Old West" main street with hand-painted citizens. I was too offended at the "Ding Dong Chinese Laundry" sign to even take a photo of it. We left out the front gates to the sounds of Foghat doing a soundcheck. 

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  • Jillian: July 28, 2012

    Hilarious as always. You write the best blogs ever.

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