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Mincy says:

We've been back from Comic-Con for a while, but I've only now had a chance to put up some photos. It was our second year at the Geek Christmas, and we had a blast. No elevator run-ins with Justin Timberlake this year, alas. We had a table in the small press section, where we were selling Kim's comic cards, her comic book and my Guide to Troubled Birds, which was picked up by a pretty impressive distributor of graphic novels and art books.

Sitting in the booth is like being perched on the curb at a parade. Here are some rabbit hole inhabitants that posed in front of our table. 

The entire spectacle is like nothing I've ever seen. There is something for everyone, but if you liked zombies, you were in luck. Zombies are very much in vogue at the moment. But what if you're into Japanese animal/human hybrid cuddle-porn? It's okay. You can find it. Looking to pick up a Christian graphic novel "Action Bible"? Yes. That's the beauty of this place, that washes over you after a while. It's thousands upon thousands of people celebrating being passionate about creativity and stories and myths and legends and cartoons based on 1980's toys.

At one point I saw Joseph Gordon-Levitt climb onto a table and he was nearly pulled into a screaming crowd. Each day when the doors opened, we liked watching the throngs press into the hall. People's faces would light up and smiles would stretch across faces. Then the running would start. Running is a no-no, so there were a lot of security guards screaming "No running! No running!" at the rushing crowds. Needless to say, the small press area was not their destination.

One thing I was struck by this year was the altruism at the event. It's a testament to the spirit of kindness that so many people were doing things for others, despite the gigantic wheels of capitalism grinding at the heart of it all. The 3 pieces of art above were from a show called Darkness & Light: Art Inspired by Heroes & Villans, Hope & Heroism, a signature initiative of We Can Be Heroes, a campaign to raise awareness and funds for a horrific hunger crisis in the Horn of Africa. 

True Blood sponsored a blood drive at a local hotel. The wait was 2 hours. 2 hours. I couldn't believe that people were giving up time to give blood. I had made a reservation, so my wait wasn't bad. The guy in the blue shorts in the photo above passed out, which gave those in the waiting area something to watch. Then I thought, is it altruism, or are these people in it for the free t-shirt? 

I was hooked up, staring at the ceiling and pumping out some good B negative when a woman with 2 small, frail-looking children approached me. "Excuse me," she said. "Between myself and my two children, we've had about 30 surgeries. If it hadn't been for donated blood, we wouldn't be here." We just wanted to say 'thank you.'" I couldn't even respond, and after they left I looked up at the ceiling. It looked more watery than before.

I still took the free t-shirt, because Kim said she needed a new nightshirt.

A steampunk ghostbusting proton pack. The artist in me really appreciates well done steampunk like this. Electricity coursed through the glass tube on top. 

A new Bond car appeared every day. This Aston Martin was from The Living Daylights

Kim and her son Christian accosted by Middle Earth trolls. 

This was my favorite of all the displays. To celebrate the release of the Indiana Jones films on Blu-Ray, this mini-Well of Souls was constructed and filled with live snakes. Each morning before the doors opened, someone would crawl down in there and pull all the snakes from under the Ark of the Covenant and stir them up.

It's difficult to get into the panel discussions, but I did somehow manage to get into the Kate Beaton panel. If you haven't read her comics, please do. Smart and funny - by far one of my favorite cartoonists. Her presentation was great - I wouldn't think an artist reading her own comics would be entertaining, but man was I wrong. 

One of my "exclusive" purchases. My wife insists there are way too many Galactic bounty hunters on our Christmas tree every year. This purchase served as my disagreement. 

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  • Pam Anthony: July 31, 2012

    Someday I will get there! Thank you so much for sharing. Congratulations on your book distribution deal! Everyone needs to have a copy.

  • Jillian: July 30, 2012

    Nice recap! I’ve always wanted to go to this:)

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