I Have Heard My Praises Sung In Screams: The Paintings of The Mincing Mockingbird Volume II

Posted on 10 February 2013


Mincy says:

I need your help. 

I want to bring you a new hardcover art book collecting the best of the paintings and titles I've done since the publication of It Is Folly To Assume My Awesome Lies Dormant. What I'm striving for with this new book is BIGGER AND BETTER. Features of the second volume will include more pages (160, twice as many as the first book), heavier paper stock and a dust jacket - all for the same price as the first volume. Because of the high costs of printing a high quality art book like this, I thought I'd try something different and appeal to you directly for help in raising the printing costs via the project-funding website Kickstarter. 

What is Kickstarter? It's a funding platform for creative projects, helping artists and writers and filmmakers raise money for their projects through the direct support of others. Since the website started, over $450 million has been pledged by more than 3 million people. My project has 24 days left, and the book has received 40% in funding in 6 days! A fantastic start to be sure, but there is still a long road ahead. That's why I'm reaching out to you. It's easy to fund projects on Kickstarter - you can click here to get started. You can also look at it as a pre-order of the book (available in late May/early June). 

But wait...THERE'S MORE. One of the fantastic things about Kickstarter is incentive levels. When you visit my Kickstarter page you will see a number of incentive levels, ranging from Hummingbird to Vulture. Incentives include new postcards, exclusive prints, books and original artwork. 

Thanks for taking the time to read my appeal, and for supporting art!


We're now at 72% pledged! We've got 16 days to go, so if you can pitch in (at the $40 level, think of it as a pre-order with free shipping and free postcards!), it would be much appreciated. Thank you! 


We did it! 100% funded! Thanks to everyone that helped make this happen!

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