• Troubled Birds Postcard Set 2
  • Troubled Birds Postcard Set 2

Troubled Birds Postcard Set 2



Did you know these antique email devices can still be mailed? It's true! Does your friend have a physical address? You can send a greeting! Simply write it on the back of one of these postcards, put the appropriate postage on it, and in the time it would take them to receive 1,000,000,000 emails, the postcard will arrive at their home or business! It's "old-fashioned" and "fun"!

Postcards will not allow you to see into the future or make time run backward or forward, but are useful if you would like to say "hello" to someone by making marks on them and mailing them through the postal system. It might be better to send an email. I mean, when you think about it, sending a postcard is kind of like, "Hey, look at me! I'm being retro!" There's a chance it could come across as kind of awkward and cloying. Ah, what the hell. Give it a try. I mean, it's totally up to you.

Makes a great gift for that special someone you don't want to spend too much on.

Set includes ten 4" x 6" postcards

Made in USA

Set includes:

"My modus operandi is dial up the awesome and break the knob off" 
"I love you despite the warning signs"
"This jackassery WILL NOT STAND!"
"I puke in my kids' mouths"
"I preen for Satan"
"My mating dance is mostly seizures"
"God can't help you now"
"This is wonderful! This is going to be fine! I love this!" 'I was soon to change my mind, however'"
"Foie gras THIS, motherf---er!"

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